Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ohh the food...

JAZZY PIZZA!!!!!! :) :) The BEST restaurant in Fuqing.

Inside is VERY nice!!!

Plain and SIMPLE!!!


The little Chinese restaurant down the street. Heaven on EARTH!

AND Kayla's FAVORITE!!!! Amazingly good combination of veggies, and chicken!!! The sauce is to DIE for...

In the US I hated beans (Kayla) but here...they are alright!! Very, very spicy!

CARROTS= Candy here!!! So good :) Em LOVES these... and the peanut on the side are way good too!

Fried rice- SO GOOD from just plain rice!

This is one of the many nasty looking cafeteria food!!!!

China's food is alright. Sometimes its really GOOD and sometimes its so GROSS we can't even stand it! We eat in a cafeteria with the students and that smell is the most disgusting smell ever. We can't even describe how bad it is... I think we are now set to it, but before we wanted to throw up every time we went for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. We have found foods we really, really love here!!! One of them is a restaurant called-Jazzy Pizza. Its AMAZING. Its pretty much American food- they have mostly pizza. They don't put totmato sauce on they're pizza, so we dip it in Thousand Islands sauce. (Which tastes like fry sauce) So NOT healthy, but it is so delicious. I think the first week we were here we ate there like 4 times!!! It was bad. Another place is a little Chinese restaurant just by our school. We don't even know the name of it, but its good too and way cheap. Fruit here is so DELICIOUS!!!! Especially they're Oranges. They are seriously so scrumptious!!!!!!

Our "HOME" for FIVE months!!!

This is our GROSS bathroom. Toilet and Shower in one!!!!!

This is our city!! Fuqing!!! We are the end of our apartments so every night we get to look out and see all of the pretty lights!!! Ohh and they always have random fireworks! So occasionally we watch them.

This is our other view- the students apartments!
(NASTY! Because some time you can see them naked- NOT a good image)

I finally got our blog to work!!! So we are a month behind everything that has happened. When we first arrived to Fuqing it was a nightmare. Our rooms were so dirty and gross!!!!!!!! We spent the whole week deep cleaning everything- even our supplies room. We were definetly thinking "Why in the world are we doing this again?" "I want to go home" BUT we made it through those days!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hong Kong Temple!

Before we left Hong Kong we got the opportunity to go to the Temple. It was a last minute thing on the list but, It was AMAZING! We were late when we got there because we ended up walking- which took us forever! We felt like we walked four miles, but we finally made it and got settled in. We actually met a member from Boise, Idaho. She spoke very good English- so she helped us a ton!!! It was cool to see the fount and how they went about things. It was so pretty inside! It was such a great experience and we will never forget the awesome opportunity! After the temple we walked around the visiting center and saw some Missionaries. It was a great way to end our little trip to Hong Kong.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hong Kong Temple!

Mathew :) Our tour guide!

Victoria Peak View- So PRETTY!

Fisherman's Harbor



Ohh ya!

Our first official day in hong kong was fun, but long! We can't STAND how humid it is here. It is seriously gross. We shower and then its useless. We started out the day with a 5 hour tour around the city with our tour guide, Mathew. What a guy... We saw the hong kong temple, it was beautiful! It's crazy how the temple can be right in the middle of everything. We are very excited cause tomorrow we get to do baptisms there. Then we went to Victoria Peak and saw the view of the city and Victoria Harbor. It was a really crazy little road and the drivers are scary. Here they drive on the left side so its different. oh ya, and we saw Jacki Chan's house. I guess he's pretty famous over here:) After that we went to the fisherman's harbor, where we got to ride in a boat taxi. It was really smelly, and there were lots of boats. Then we checked out the market. We bought some cute skirts:) After the long tour, we rested, then went to the Ladies Market. There were so so many people. It was nuts. Still working on the bargaining... it was hard at first- but we'll get the hang of it soon. Em got a new yellow watch and Kayla got some shoes. After a very long day it decided to rain on us. Rain= HARD! It was crazy- we've never seen so much lightning and thunder before- we thought we were going to die pretty much! It was a fun day and it was very interesting seeing all of the sites around "Hong Kong" It was weird to see how people live. We can say that we are grateful for what we have at home. We have so much more to come and can't wait!


These are some of the girls in our Fuqing Group.
(Emily, Kristin, Lindsay, Kayla)

We made it! With more than 24 hrs of traveling we were so tired and ready for a bed! From SLC to San Fran was such a long flight. It got delayed and we sat on the plane FOREVER!!! We were sitting in the very back, so it was a bumpy ride. Then from San Fran to Seoul was crazy. It was too long for us! We felt like we got fed a million times though... Emily watched a lot of movies, whereas Kayla slept! :) Then from Seoul to Hong Kong we were terribly exhausted. (Also, we were in the back of the plane- but we slept the whole way) Carrying two 50 pound bags, one carry-on and a purse was harder than what we expected! After that we gathered on a bus and headed to our hotel. It is a very nice hotel, but it took us FOREVER to figure out how to turn on the lights. ha ha We had a very good nights rest- it was MUCH needed. :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ahhh China?!?!

Fuqing, CHINA :)

Beauty! :)
This is the view from our apartment looking at the school where we will be teaching!